Sunday, May 25, 2003
Well, unfortunately I've been neglecting this weblog. So, here's some new stuff. I've been in florida for a few months now, and am getting ready to take off again. Orignally, there was a movie that I was going to work on in Mississippi, but I think that has fallen through for me. Oh well. Then i had this Europe trip planned for a few months. Me and Steven are going to backpack/hitchike around for a month. But since the movie fell through, I'm going back to Ohio for a few weeks before we leave. This should be fun. Anyway, I had too many beers the night before last, and had a rare hangover all day yesterday. Apparently I'm getting old, or something. Also, I think I've decided to record a full length CD when i get back, money and time willing. Should be fun. I've been wanting to do that forever. So, I posted some new demo's. There are a few more that are going up in the next few days, or whenever i find some free webspace. (Anyone?)
All for now.
Posted @ 1:47 PM