Tuesday, September 14, 2004
So, I stayed up all night last night. Let me just say in advance it was because I was on a horrible schedule of staying up till 5am and getting up a 2pm. So, i just stayed up so I would be super tired and sleep early... Ok, well.... I'm not young anyore. And I knew this. Now I really know. I was seeing stars, tripping and I felt like I had a buzz all day. The funny part is when I called about this job and the woman said, "Yeah, can you be here in an hour?", dumb ass me said yes.

I tryed to look nice and I think I pulled the interview off, but I was having these visions beforehand where I was across the desk from this woman, drooling, sweating, shaking and scratching myself... you know, like I'd just got off an all night crack and hooker binge. And somehow I just knew I'd make some stupid showoff Prop "Master" joke, but luckily none of those things happened.

What did happen though is that I was running late. Which always sucks. It sucks even more on no sleep and it sucks even more than that when I promised a Portfolio which i hadn't seen in months. By the time I left, my room looked like Florida. (you know, with the hurricanes and all)

So I take a cab. Because I know I'll never get there by train. Not only is this guy taking his sweet ass time, he's taking the wrong streets, but I said nothing. Mostly because I kept falling asleep. Also because he kept hitting the gas, then the brake really quick and I felt like I was gonna puke.

Anyway, the moral? Well, I guess... Be prepared? Or stay away from the internet. Because that's what the whole thing stems from. Staying up too late on the internet. God damn information!
Posted @ 9:33 PM